Transfert Eolic Surface (TEOS) is an innovative international patent that is going to change forever the production of alternative energy, by simply using the way air moves.

Imagine a panel that works not with sunlight, but with the gentle blowing of air, imagine that such action turns - directly and with no need to mechanics - into real power.

Now imagine you do not need to imagine that any more: such technology already exists.



Original research to transform wind energy into power


First ever solid state transformation with no parts in movement

Internazional patent pending

A cell to convert fluid dynamic into power


Innovating static system

An array panel assembled from many cell modules

Energy harvesting

The capability to pick up even partial bits of energy surrounding us every day (e.g.: the mass of air moved by he traffic of vehicles)

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Explea Srl
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REA RE n.302533
Cap. Soc. 100.000,00 euro i.v

The statutes (PDF)

start-up energy market
Explea S.r.l. was born in 2015


“seeking for sustainable and energetically efficient solutions to improve people’s and communities’ quality of life”

Original research funded by the partners’ contributions only


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